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Scholastic tournaments are those events open to chess players who are in grades K-8. A few of these events have sections for K-12 players.

Open tournaments are open to adult chess players. Some are also open to younger players, have rating restrictions or are invitational events.

All tournaments are USCF-rated, unless otherwise noted and require USCF membership. USCF Memberships may be purchased at most tournaments. Unless otherwise stated please bring your own boards, sets and clocks to events.

The listings on this web page are provided as a service to the Illinois chess community by the Illinois Chess Association and do not represent sponsorship, endorsement or an affiliation between the ICA and any entity, person or Web site listed or otherwise referenced on this page. The Illinois Chess Association and its officers and volunteers are not responsible for errors or omissions on this calendar.

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Date Title City Category
4-20-17 - 5-18-17 Chicago Open Tournaments
4-27-17 - 5-25-17 Glenwood Open Tournaments
4-28-17 - 4-30-17 Dubuque, IA Scholastic Tournaments
4-29-17 - 4-30-17 Chicago Open Tournaments
4-29-17 - 4-30-17 Dubuque, IA Open Tournaments
4-30-17 Worth Open Tournaments
5-6-17 Chicago Scholastic Tournaments
5-6-17 Evanston Open Tournaments
5-6-17 Chicago Open Tournaments
5-7-17 Skokie Open Tournaments, Scholastic Tournaments
5-7-17 Worth Open Tournaments
5-7-17 Worth Open Tournaments
5-11-17 - 5-14-17 Nashville, TN Scholastic Tournaments
5-13-17 Glenwood Open Tournaments
5-13-17 Glenwood Open Tournaments
5-14-17 Deerfield Scholastic Tournaments, Open Tournaments
5-14-17 Worth Open Tournaments
5-14-17 Schaumburg Open Tournaments
5-20-17 Barrington Open Tournaments, Scholastic Tournaments
5-20-17 Chicago Scholastic Tournaments