Garrett Scott to Receive Broughton Award at ICA Annual Banquet

Garrett Scott Courtesy ICCA websiteThe Illinois Chess Association has selected Garrett Scott to receive the prestigious Natalie W. Broughton Lifetime Achievement in Chess Award at the ICA Annual Banquet.

The ICA Annual Banquet will be held at 6 pm, Saturday, November 22, 2014 at the Hilton Lisle / Naperville, 3003 Corporate West Drive in Lisle. The banquet will follow the ICA Annual Business Meeting, which will begin at 3:30 pm and is open to all ICA members.

Banquet tickets on sale now at

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Bids Requested for 2015 Illinois Class

Interested organizers are invited to submit bids for the 2015 Illinois Class State Chess Championships. The preferred date for the tournament is November 22, 2015.

The format of the tournament has varied from a 2-day, 5-round, slow time control tournament to, in most recent years, a 1-day, 4-round, G/60 time control.

The ICA Board prefers the 1-day format so that it can use the Saturday before the tournament to hold its Annual Meeting and Banquet. The format also should include at least 6 sections (M/X, A, B, C, D, and 1 or 2 sections U1200). Trophies have been awarded to U1200 winners and runner-ups for Class E, F, and U800.

EF for non-ICA members should be set $5 higher than for ICA members, and free entry should be provided for GMs, WGMs, IMs, WIMs, FMs, and WFMs.

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Bids Requested for 2015 Illinois All-Grade

Interested organizers are invited to submit bids for the 2015 Illinois All-Grade State Chess Championships. The preferred date for the tournament is November 14, 2015.

The preferred site for the tournament will be a downstate site.

The suggested format is 10-11 sections:

  • one for each grade K-8, and 
  • one or two sections for high school, depending on number of players.

Suggested rounds:

  • 5 rounds for sections K-5, and
  • 4 rounds for sections 6-12.

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Last Week to Submit 2015 IL Open Bids

This is the last week for interested parties to submit bids for the 2015 Illinois Open.  Bids should be submitted to ICA Bid Chair Jeff Wiewel by July 20, or to ICA President Carl Dolson if the bid might propose Mr. Wiewel as Chief TD.

The event is targeted to be held September 5-7 and is usually conducted in two sections. Bids will be considered by the ICA Bid Committee and discussed at the August ICA Board Meeting with a final announcement coming no later than August 31.

If you've never submitted a bid before -- or just want to make sure you include all the important details -- check out the ICA bid guidelines posted elsewhere on this site:

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Bids Requested for 2015 Illinois Senior Open

2015 will be the second year for the reborn Illinois Senior Open Chess Championship, the winner of which will be the 2015 Illinois Senior Champion.

Organizers are requested to submit bids for the tournament with a preferred 2-day, 4 to 5 round, slow-time control format to be held in June 2015. A smaller venue would work for this tournament, which had 12 participants in 2014. With a different entry fee structure and pre-event publicity, we expect the event may draw 20 to 30 players in 2015.

Creative organizers may suggest alternative formats, if they wish.

As this tournament does not have a long history, the Bid Committee may look favorably on a format that would enhance the likelihood of drawing greater player numbers.

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