Chess Blogs - Part 1 - Jumping In

Recently, as I wrote the monthly roundup of Illinois Chess I wanted to put in more information about the bigger world of chess outside of Illinois. I thought a blog would be a great way to fill-in my knowledge gap, but the only Blog I was familiar with was Bill Brock's Chicago Chess Blog which mainly covers the local scene and occasionally has national stories as well. I went to the site and found links to a variety of local and national and international sites. Through his site I stumbled upon Susan Polgar's blog which was helpful to finding out a more global perspective on chess, but I wondered, what else was out there?

So I asked myself - who's the most popular chess blog out there? And whoever is number one must be good.

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FM Bachler Games at Evanston Chess Club

FM Kevin "Caveman" Bachler was our guest master at the Evanston Chess Club 3x3 tournament on September 22, 2012. The event drew 64 players who played in three sections. Kevin's three games (including notes) follow. Thanks, Kevin!

Chicago Open E4 games

Albert Chow

Albert Chow has notated a selection of the king pawn games from the Chicago Open. There is a good mix of master and grandmaster games as well as a wide range of openings. Most fall into Sicilian but the games presented offer a rich variety of variations within the opening.

Chicago Open 2012 in the ICA Games Db

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Illinois Chess Videos

There's tons of chess internet videos on YouTube. But for an Illinois flair they're a little harder to find. Not all the below videos are recent, but they were made in the Land of Lincoln.

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