Illinois Chess Videos

There's tons of chess internet videos on YouTube. But for an Illinois flair they're a little harder to find. Not all the below videos are recent, but they were made in the Land of Lincoln.


For quality and volume, you can't go wrong by visiting Matt Pullin's YouTube Video Channel. I was reminded of it when I ran across this video between him and Michael Auger at the 2007 Illinois Open.

NM Fredrick Rhine has had his videos mentioned before on the blog and I think they're worth mentioning again: Rhine on Youtube

Moment in Time

This is a more recent one where a couple twin brothers at the Illinois State K-8 Chess Tournament break down why they love chess: Video

Music and video have been around for a while. Not everyone does it well when adding chess to the equation, and it was well edited. It's from the Evanston 2008 Blitz Tournament: Video

If there's any Illinois video that I left out that you'd like included in this list, please email me the link at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know.