GM Amanov and GM Gurevich lectures at North Shore Chess Center

Grandmasters Mesgen Amanov and Dmitry Gurevich recently gave lectures at the North Shore Chess Center as part of a Chicago Blaze fundraising event. Mesgen was kind enough to offer a condensed version of one of his recent games (discussed in more detail in the lecture) to the ICA Chess Blog.

Games from the National K-1 Champion

Aydin TurgutLook out, world: NM Tansel Turgut has a son, and he plays chess! Aydin Turgut went 7-0 to take the National K-1 Championship in Dallas this May. He and his opponents sure didn't play like K-1 players, as we see in this collection of Aydin's games from the event annotated by Bill Brock.

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Rare Upsets at the Chicago Open

I like the idea that anything is possible in chess. That on a good day a Class A player can beat an Expert. Or an Expert can beat a Master. The Chicago Open, which was run by the Continental Chess Association, had a few of those games.  Of the 132 games on their website only a half dozen had upsets. Gives me hope that the next time I sit down to play a much stronger player, I've got a shot at winning.

Following are six upsets from the 2011 Chicago Open

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Three Crucial Games from Eric Rosen's National High School Title Run

To me, the striking thing about the following three games is the maturity of Eric Rosen's play and the universality of his style. He can play a pragmatic technical ending, get into a crazy slugfest and create problems for his opponents from the ugliest of positions, or play for strategic domination. In short, he's most deserving of the 2011 National High School title!

Eric was kind enough to annotate the first game: additional comments beyond Eric's are indicated by "RR" (the Informant symbol for editorial comments).

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