David Rubin Wins 2017 Lozano Spring Classic


30 years ago, many readers of this website weren't even born. 

That's about how long David Rubin estimates it's been since he played tournament chess!

After going five-for-five in the May 6 Lozano Spring Classic, hopefully it won't be another 30 years until he plays again!

Adam Bareket placed second with 4.5/5, followed by Roman Kowalysko and Tom Bareket with 4.0's. A four-way tie for fifth place (3.5/5) included Lauro Nava, Malik Brewley, Timothy Liddell and Jake Cinco.

Hector Hernandez, Lozano Branch Manager, has been organizing tournaments at his Pilsen library for "only" 28 years, was happy to see a wonderful mix of adults in the Open and juniors playing in both the Open and the Scholastic.

In the Grades 6-8 section, Lizzy Brahin won an individual section for the very first time, going 5-for-5. Layla Rodriguez placed second with 4.0/5. A tie for third place included Cristian Luna and Gabby Cisneros, both with 3.0.

Cristian took home the third place trophy on tiebreaks while Gabby nabbed top 8th grader honors. Aaron Andino collected the top 7th grader award while Anthony Luna earned top 6th grader accolades.

In the Grades 3-5 section, Danny Roman was the lone perfect score (5.0) with a three-way tie for second place including Jenna Cinco, Josephine Swan and Ethan Lam.

Ethan was awarded the top 3rd grader award, a point ahead of Quran Mohammad and Lilly Meegoda. Jocelyn Santana won the top 4th grader award with 3.5 while Idden Tsai won the top fifth grader award with 3.0.

In the Grades K-2 section, Bella Marzullo was perfect (5.0) while Risindu Withana Arachchige placed second with 4.0. Hili Bareket and Alexander Oseledets tied for third place with 3.5's, with Hili earning third place hardware based on tiebreaks.

Still, Alexander earned the award for top Kindergartner, a half-point ahead of Hanna Gao.

Justin Zhang won top 2nd grader with 3.0, tiebreak points ahead of Alex Ivascu.

Aaron Lopez won top 1st grader with 2.5, a half-point ahead of Gabriel Luna, Saruul Uuganbayar and Anthony Cervantes.