Highland Park Chess Inaugural Tournament

Leo Vilker ran his first rated scholastic tournament last Saturday at the Bethany Methodist Church in Highland park. Thirty-two players competed in two sections. The top section was won by Abe Sun with 3.5/4.0. Shanya Provine and Eamonn Moore both scored 3.0/4.0.The lower section was won by Matthew Strehler with 3.5/4.0. At 3.0/4.0 were Josiah Davis, Susie Ulrich, Miranda Liu, and Mark Noonan.

Highland Park Chess is running an open tournament August 1st. Be sure to watch our Events Page for more of Leo's tournaments.


First published 29-July-2009

Spoon's Chess Club

Spoon's Coffee Boutique
712 East 75th Street
Chiacgo, IL  60619
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Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Roosevelt Witherspoon and the patrons at  Spoon's Coffee Boutique and Chess Club.  The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 PM until 1 AM the next morning. There are some strong players here. "You might even run into IM Emory Tate or NM William Aramil," says 'Spoon.

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