South Surburban Star Wars XXI

On April 15, the Glenwood Chess Club hosted Chess Wars XXI. Placing first trhrough third place in the Open Division were: Bugia Geber, Sam Henderson and Marty Franek.
In the U1650 Division, Megan Chen was the winner, followed by Slawomir Borkowski, Jack Heller and Ankush Moolky. 
The Bounty Hunter winners were: Slawomir Borkowski, Marty Frenek, Harry Keller and his brother Jack Keller.

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Higuchi Runs 1st Harper College Event; Bartochowski Wins


On April 8, I was honored to host my first-ever USCF tournament at Harper College. 

Even with many other events happening around the state, a remarkable 45 players competed; 25 in the open and 20 in the U1700 section.  Out of 25 players in the Open section, there were six Experts and a Master in the field.

In the Open section, Nicholas Bartochowski was the clear winner.  Winning all three games, Bartochowski raised his rating to 2169. 

NM Ken Wallach and Experts Rishi Narayanan and Abhy Venkat tied for second with 2.5's.

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Illinois Chess Vets Holds Veterans-Only Event


The non-profit Illinois Chess Vets (ICV) held its first “Veterans Only” tournament on March 30, at the American Legion Post 991 in the Chicago suburb of Worth. The non-rated event was a five-round Swiss with Game/15 time controls.

Trophies were awarded to Tony Fuksman (1st), Elmer Adams (2nd) and Thomas Evans (3rd).

The tournament also awarded medals to the top players from the Russian Army, US Army, US Air Force and US Navy. The US Marines and US Merchant Marines were not represented.

The tournament raised $65 that was donated to the Post 991 veteran’s fund.

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South Suburban Chess Wars XX

On February 25, 2017, the Glenwood Chess Club hosted Chess Wars XX.
In the Open Section, David Sye was the undefeated 1st place winner at 3.5/4. Dean Landfair, Ryan Richardson, Bill Dwyer and Sam Henderson rounded out the top five, respectively.
In the U1650 Division, 1st place went to Paul Fritz, with Megan Chen, Richard Lewis, the tournament organizer and Adithya Kuchibhotia, finishing 2nd through 5th place.
The U1250 Division had Carl Obermeier, Layla Rodriguez, James Marchert Sr. and Avighnaw Vasudevan as the top four.

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William Lombardy Benefit Tournament


On January 21 GM Rev. William Lombardy Benefit was hosted in Palatine, IL. With a remarkable turnout of 54 players, almost 60 registered and an amazing 23 people played in Open Division.

Our day started out in unbelievable style where our facility allowed one of their classrooms to be utilized for a meet and greet to spend time with Rev. Lombardy. Rev. Lombardy who not only won US Open Championship three times and was the only undefeated World Junior Champion (11-0) in 1957, a feat that has never been repeated.

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