Aidan Carey Sweeps Field of DeKalb's Nevermind Classic


Oak Park's Aidan Carey won all five of his quick chess matches as he was crowned champion of the 2016 Nevermind Classic in DeKalb September 24.

The event honored the 25th anniversary of the "drop" of the classic Nirvana album on 9/24/91. (What's an album, right?)

Fellow juniors Shreyas Reddy and David Chen both compiled strong 2.5 scores to split the top Under 1400 prize.

Although the Game/25; zero-delay time control only impacted "quick" ratings, regular ratings were used for pairing and prize purposes.

Rockford Jefferson High School Senior Nate Blair played in his first US Chess event, receiving a USCF-membership scholarship for the year!

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South Suburban Chess Wars XVI

On September 18, the Glenwood Chess Club hosted Chess Wars XVI. This tournament could have been dubbed: “The Tie Break Tournament”.
In the U1250 division, Anthony Pedragel was the only clear cut winner of the day and graciously accepted his 1st place trophy!
Theresa Walatka, Ryan Alford, Elmer Adams and Stephen Gonzalez took 2nd to 5th place respectively via tiebreaks.
In the U1650 division, Leroy Sims, Todd Walatka and the tournament organizer took 1st to 3rd place, also through tiebreaks.

Bill Smythe Wins DeKalb's Judd Lauger Memorial Classic


With an exciting endgame finale, Bill Smythe edged Joe Zemgulys to close out the Judd Lauger Memorial Classic with a perfect 3.0/3 score. Smythe earned a crisp $100 bill (or its equivalent) for the Open section championship.

David Yong and Alex Zhao split the Under 1800 prize fund, both with 2.0/3 scores.

In a theoretical draw, Josh Kueker managed to make his three clock seconds last long enough to prevail over previously-unbeaten Jonathan Gaenzle, winning the Reserve Section. In a fascinating pawns and bishop vs. pawns and rook endgame, Kueker wound up sacrificing his rook to get the job done. 

Kueker repeatedly made moves within the five-second delay to keep the game alive.

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Family Honors Son Through Tournament Sponsorship


It's been six years since the Lauger family lost their son Judd to a tragic car accident. But Barbara and Steve Lauger are perpetuating their son's memory -- and his love of chess -- through sponsorship of the Lauger Memorial Classic September 10 in DeKalb.

The DeKalb club often honors chess luminaries through events like the Steinitz, Grunfeld, Lasker, Tarrasch, Alekhine and Najdorf. For six years the club has even recognized George Orwell who purportedly played chess with shopmates at his first job clerking at a London bookstore. Now Judd Lauger's name is added to the list of Memorial tournaments in DeKalb.

Says his mother Barbara: "My son Judd loved chess — he got the chess gene that runs in both sides of the family, from two grandfathers."

"He loved to play it, study it, ponder it, discuss it and compete in it. Chess was serious business to Judd and he expected people to understand that."

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Henderson Grand Champion of Star Wars XV; Zhang Wins Open

On August 20, 2016, the Glenwood Chess Club hosted Chess Wars XV. Richard Zhang, the eventual Open Winner “whupped” the organizer in the first round to win the Bounty Hunter Prize of the day!
In the U1650 division, Joseph “the Great” Hooks took 1st place with Richard Lewis and the tournament organizer taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
In the U1250 Section, Philadelphia visitor Sean Pry took 1st place, followed by James Marchert Sr. (2nd) and Margery Allen (3rd).