South Suburban Chess Wars XIII

On April 17, 2016, the Glenwood Chess Club hosted Chess Wars XIII. A total of 29 players were in attendance.
In the Under 1250 division, new scholastic newcomer to the Chess Wars tournaments went undefeated 4-0 for 1st place. Nolan Fletes on a 3-1 tiebreak took 2nd, while James Marchert Sr. with the same scored nabbed 3rd place. Family members Hudson Lutfiyya (son) and Lynn Lutfiyya (mother) secured 4th and 5th place respectively.
In the U1650 division, ambitious competitors, Megan Chen and Zach Warsh decided to play a section up. However, they were met with stiff resistance from the players, in this section who repelled their best efforts and denied them from placing. Still, both Chen and Warsh should be given an “A” for effort(s).

Michigan's Posthuma 4.0/4 at March 26 Chicago Event


58 players faced off in four rounds at the Chicago Chess Club Pre-Opening Plus Score March 26.

Claiming top honors, Joshua Posthuma managed to win all four of his matches against players rated at least 100 points less. The Michigan junior raised his rating to the masterful 2200 mark for the first time in his life.

A trio of Hugo Padilla, Camilo Pangan and Bill Brock all tied for second place with 3.5/4 scores. Padilla and Pangan are US Chess Masters and Brock is an Expert.

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Vincent Do Sweeps 2nd Alekhine Memorial in DeKalb


Rockford phenom Vincent Do swept all four of his opponents to claim top honors at the 2nd Alekhine Memorial Open in DeKalb March 26.

The event honored the 70th anniversary of the passing of World Champion Alexander Alekhine whose time expired 3/24/46 at the age of 53. 

Vincent sealed the tournament with a rapid dispatch of Jonathan Gaenzle.

Do, now rated 2084, joined several of his Thurgood Marshall teammates in preparing for the US Chess Junior High Nationals in Indianapolis in April.

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South Suburban Chess Wars XII

On March 20, 2016, the Glenwood Chess Club hosted Chess Wars XII. A total of 30 players were in attendance.

However, in the experimental Non-Rated Section, nobody entered. But, not wishing to waste pre-bought and labeled medals, Club President Ken Windmon and the article’s writer begged and pleaded for two happily content spectators to join the fracas, dangling free entry as a carrot.

Ralph Bielobradek, who brought his two sons, and Joe Emole, a 1900 rated former Open Chess Wars Winner, who brought his first place U1650 chess student with him, accepted the challenge. Emole blitzed the tournament organizer, and nabbed the 1st Bounty Hunter Prize while Windmon defeated Bielobradek.

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Adam Bareket Wins Chess Wars XI

On February 28, the Glenwood Chess Club hosted Chess Wars XI. A total of 24 players were in attendance.

In the U-1250 Section, Christopher Harrison took 5th place with 2 points. Shockingly, 1st - 4th place -- with players all having 3 points -- was decided via tiebreaks as follows: First: Jayel Taylor, Second: Megan Chen, Third: Brian Bright and Fourth: Nimrod Bareket.

In the U-1650 Section, Jimmy Jackson took 1st with 3.5 points. Freddie Taylor, father of U-1250 winner, Jayel. took 2nd place. The article’s writer via tiebreak “stole” 3rd. John Ruff and David Harrison rounded out the top five.

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