Evanston Scholastic Chess is a group of parents and volunteers who lead and organize school-based chess clubs in Evanston. Collectively, we serve students at 18 different public and private schools in grades K-8 in Evanston.

Each club is independently organized and run. As a group, Evanston Scholastic Chess:

  • Conducts four K-8 chess tournaments a year between the months of November and April. At our tournaments, children compete in age- and ability-based groups. These events are ideal for young Evanston chess players who want to try out the tournament experience. The tournaments are not USCF rated.
  • Take turns hosting “Summer Chess at the Library,” a community program held at the Main Branch of the Evanston Public Library.
  • Host an email list that Evanston Chess coaches, leaders and volunteers can use to share resources, plans and best practices.

For more information, contact Maret Thorpe, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..