Local Organizer Plans Easter Weekend Big Money Event

Chessplayers in Illinois should be happy to note that there is a "big money" tournament over Easter weekend: The Midwest Holiday Class, March 30-April 1.  7-SS G/90+30sec.  You can take 2 1/2 point byes if you can't play the entire schedule.  This a class format, so play people of your strength. The hotel is near O'Hare.  Here is the hotel website: www.sheratonchicagoohare.com

The rooms are very reasonable and the site is accessible by metra or airport shuttle. The shuttle is free. Please support this tournament.  It is a local organizer.  We want to make it an annual event.

The registration can be found here in the tournament listings or on the USCF website, or go to the registration page here.  Hope to see you Easter weekend at the O'Hare Sheraton!  Please tell your friends.