Helen Warren and the Warren Junior Program

This article was originally published as Bill Brock's "President's Podium" column in a 2006 edition of the Illinois Chess Bulletin.

Most of us think of Helen Warren as the emeritus heart and soul of the Illinois Chess Association. Back in 1961, Helen Hendricks was one of the signers of our Articles of Incorporation (along with our respected friends Jim Brotsos and Frank Skoff, future U.S Women’s Champion Eva Aronson, and Peter Wolf). Along the way (after marrying Jim Warren, an Expert who drew Fischer twice on his 1963 simul tour), she organized umpteen Midwest Masters, the 1989 U.S. Open, a couple of the best U.S. Masters ever, and other events too numerous to mention. She brought World Championship Candidates Viktor Korchnoi and Robert Hübner to Chicago for the 1982 Cloverline International, she founded the wonderful American Postal Chess Tournaments, served for decades in various USCF leadership positions, edited the Illinois Chess Bulletin, and was the voice of the ICA, even in those years when she didn’t officially have the title of President. Even today, on the many occasions that ICA has a problem that I’m not sure how to handle, I call Helen for her wise counsel.

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