IL-based National Master Warren Kreckler Fighting Cancer


National Master Warren Kreckler last played tournament chess in 1996, finishing 4.0/5 in the US Amateur Team Midwest. That 290-player event was directed by Alan Losoff and Walter Brown, Jr. who have both gone on to do amazing things in chess.

Kreckler writes into the ICA that he was active in chess in the 1960's through the 1990's, but that's he's currently facing an even more challenging battle at the moment: Stage Four cancer.

His companion of over two decades, Sophia Gates, writes about Kreckler's chess prowess: "He excelled at precise work and loved to solve problems – characteristics that echoed his expertise at chess. We used to sit up and argue about chess positions."

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Kalghatgi Twins Profiled in Chicago News Service DNA Info


DNA Info, a Chicago-area news wire, has profiled the three-time National Bughouse Champions, Akhil and Nikhil Kalghatgi from Whitney Young.

Reporter Isra Rahman posted the delightful story July 17.

If you or your child is profiled in other media, please advise the ICA through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -- we love Illinois chess news!



Blitzers Opening Southside Chicago Chess Club July 1


If you follow the Chicago chess scene on Facebook, chances are that you have heard about the Chicago Chess Blitzers. Thanks to enthusiastic promotion by Nathan Kelly on YouTube and social media, word is spreading fast about this strong chess club on Chicago's southside.

While blitz players on Chicago's southside have been meeting at McDonald's at 95th and Halsted for a long time, ten Chicago Chess Blitzers recently pitched in to secure the lease on a storefront at 8622 S. Pulaski in Chicago.

The doors of the Chicago Chess Club will open on July 1, 2017 and will remain open from noon to midnight daily.

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CCF Launches Coaching Marketplace Website


The Chicago Chess Foundation has launched a Coaching Marketplace under their existing website at

Coaches can submit their information -- and potential students can access the data -- for free.

The website is

The ICA maintains its own statewide listing of coaches -- and tournament staffing -- at

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Question of the Day: Have You Always Wanted to Be a TD?


Have you wondered what the crazy letters "TD" stands for?  (Sorry, in this context, I don't mean touchdown!)

Have you laid awake at night pondering how those people who resolve disputes and keep things moving along at chess tournaments got their clearly high paying and powerful jobs?

Well, I'm sure each and every TD has their own answer to that question but it's never too late to get started in this exciting and rewarding "career" (although if you actually begin to think of it as a vocation instead of a hobby, you probably need some career advice).

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