GM Gurevich Ties for First at US Open

Dmitry Gurevich

GM Gurevich tied for First place at the US Open scoring 7.5/9

He also earns a place at the 2010 US Championships.

He won 6 games and drew 3 games with fellow GM players.

Congrats to GM Gurevich for his excellent performance at the 2009 US Open


Photo by "Brana"

Rosen defeats GM Fedorowicz, earns NM

In Round 9 at the US Open Eric Rosen playing Black demolished GM Fedorowicz in just 16 moves and wins his National Master title. See Eric's game below.

Eric has finished the tournament scoring 6.5/9 with a performance rating of 2477. According to the USCF website Eric’s rating will go up to 2230. That makes him newest Illinois master. Congratulations Eric!

Other news at the US Open GM Gurevich has 6.5/8 and is still playing in the last round. GM Mitkov and FM Karklins have 6/8 going in to the last round.


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US Open 2009--Round 7 Rosen and Wilber

As the 2009 US Open winds down in it's final days, I noticed two outstanding performances by IL players.

First Expert Eric Rosen, after drawing with GM Kraai proceeded to defeat Tyler Hughes. Hughes is the second highest Under 18 player in the USA with a rating of 2377. Tyler is well known as a very strong player and out rated Eric by some 200 points. Eric lost the 7th round to a master rated 2282 however Eric is having an excellent tournament with 4.5/7. Eric’s performance so far is 2371. Right now after Round 7 his new rating would be 2185. Games will follow.


Another outstanding performance is being put in by Matthew Wilber rated 1795 who has 5.5/7. So far he has defeated three experts and one master. He has also drawn with an FM rated 2214. He is obviously having an incredible tournament with a rating performance so far of 2400. After round 7 his new rating would be 1945.

Also doing well is GM Gurevich who has 5.5/7. The seven leaders of the event have 6/7, so all is to play for in the last two rounds.

US Open 2009--Rosen draws GM Kraai

Playing with the Black pieces Expert (soon to be Master no doubt) Eric Rosen drew in seventy-one moves against GM Jesse Kraai who out rated Eric by some 350+ points.

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