South Suburban Chess Wars XXIV ©


Saturday, February 24, 2018
Glenwood, IL
Scholastic Tournaments , Open Tournaments


Tournament will be held at “the Glenwood Chess Center @1 South Rebecca Street, Glenwood Il. 60425. (Wheelchair Accessible)

We are proud to announce that Chess Wars is now a copyrighted event!

Open to USCF Players in 3 sections: U1250 (K-8 Only), U1650 (all ages) & Open (all ages). Limited to a Maximum Capacity of 50 players. USCF Membership is required. Memberships are available at site for an additional $5.00 processing fee or at Players under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. TD reserves the right to modify sections and format, if less than 20 paid entries. TD also reserves the right to modify pairings in the event of a website program or crash beyond our control.

EF: 35.00, $45.00 on Tournament Day.  

Entry fee includes lunch, snacks and bottled water!

Note: Entry fee for Masters and above is $50.00. This is to DISCOURAGE Superior skilled players from participating to win this special unique top prize and money! (Late fees do not apply in this category.)

Time Limits: 4SS, G 40/ d5.   

Rds: 1st at 9:00 am, then TBA (Pairings will be as soon as possible after a round ends)

Lunch Break: 12:30 to 1:30 or TBA.

Please bring chess clocks and chess sets for emergency backup purposes.


  • U1250: Special Medals 1st- 3rd places, ribbons 4th/5th place
  • U1650: Special Medals 1st- 3rd places, ribbons 4th/5th place
  • Open: Special Medals 1st- 3rd places, ribbons 4th/5th place   
  • All 1st place winners will receive free entry in the next Chess Wars Tournament (based on 30 or more paid entries)
  • Special “Bounty Hunter Prize”: Award to anyone who defeats a staff member in competition.
  • A Special Plaque will be awarded to the top scorer 15 years old or younger!
  • The Grand Champion will receive $150.00 and the Guiness nominated World’s Tallest Individual Chess Trophy. (Application # 1706112322131cta- Pending) This is an absolutely amazing award!
  • Grand Championship Tournament: (Based on 30 or more paid entries) There will be a Special Ring for  1st  Runner Up and 2nd place  Runner Up Awards.   
  • Tie Breaks: Standard Tie Break System for Non- Monetary Prizes.

Registration: To avoid confusion and simplify the procedure, please register by: 1.Email- send Name, USCF#, Expiration Date, Phone Number and Rating to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  OR 2. By phone: 708-333-4298 and leave the above information, and E-Mail.

Tournament Day Registration and Payments: 8-8:45am. Payments can be made by Cash or Check. Pre- registered players will pay at check in. Anyone arriving after 8:45 will have to take a ½ point bye, if the still wish to enter the tournament.

Tournament results are scheduled to be published in the ICA, Daily Southtown, Post Tribune and Tinley Park Websites and or Newspapers, if a Grand Champion is awarded at the tournament!

Questions: Dr. Orlan Smith, PhD, 708-333-4298 (Glenwood Chess Club Coordinator) 


The Blakey Center