2011 Denker Qualifier Information

The llinois Denker High School Qualifier is  an invitational tournament for the state's top high school players sponsored by the ICA Warren Junior Scholar program.  The winner of the qualifier is becomes the state's high school champion, and goes on to represent Illinois at the U.S. Denker High School Tournament of champions, to be held in Orlando from July 30 to August 2.

Date: Saturday, March 26 to Monday, March 28

Location:   North Shore Chess Center, 5500 W. Touhy Avenue, Skokie, IL

Format: 5 or 7 round Round Robin OR 4- or 5-round swiss, depending on number of players*

Time Control: G90 plus 30-second increment

Tournament Organizer/Director: North American Chess Association/Sevan Muradian

How Players are Chosen: HOW PLAYERS ARE CHOSEN: All eligible (see next section) players who have reached a peak rating of 2000 or more from games played between Feb. 1, 2010 and Jan. 31, 2011 will be invited. The top-scoring player in the ICCA individual championship tournament, to be held Feb. 5, 2011, who would not have otherwise have been invited will also receive an invitation. If fewer than six players accept their invitations, alternates will be invited in order of peak rating.

*If there are more than six eligible players who accept their invitations, the field of players will be expanded to the next even number (i.e., an 8- or 10-player field), and the tournament format will be adjusted. (In the case of an 8-player field, it may be a 7-round Round Robin or a 4-round Swiss; and in the case of 10 players, a 5-round Swiss). Invitations with final details will be issued in mid-February.

Eligibility: To be eligible to play in the Illinois Denker qualifier, all players must:

  • Be an Illinois resident either enrolled in an Illinois high school, or home-schooled and of high school age (born between September 1, 1992 and August 31, 1996).
  • Be a current active high school chess player, or have played 10 or more USCF regularly rated games (not quick-rated) in the past 12 months.
  • List the USCF as their home federation. Players affiliated with foreign federations are not eligible.
  • Sign an agreement stating that if they win the tournament, they will play in the US High School championship tournament in from July 30 to August 2 in Orlando, Florida.
  • Submit a $50 deposit, refundable upon completion of the tournament.

1st place: $500 in travel expenses to attend the US Denker High School Tournament of Champions in Orlando, Florida, payable upon completion of that tournament; and $250 towards chess lessons, payable to the instructor.
2nd place: $125 towards chess lessons, payable to the instructor.

The ICA Warren Junior Program provides funding for all prizes.

Current Top High School Players:

Name: High School: Peak Rating*:
Eric Rosen Niles North 2279
Adarsh Jayakumar Lake Forest Academy 2262
Trevor Magness Home-schooled 2208
Michael Auger Whitney Young 2135
Matthew Wilber Buffalo Grove 2104
Tommy Ulrich Home-schooled 2073
Jonathan Kogen Deerfield 2053
Kent Cen Stevenson 2000
Josh Dubin Stevenson 1981
Sam Schmakel Whitney Young 1968
Aakaash Meduri Hinsdale Central 1967

*Peak Rating is from games played from February 1, 2010 to January 31, 2011.  All players with a peak rating of 2000 or above are automatically invited.