After two days of competition, the ranks of perfection are thinning out at the 2017 SuperNationals completing today in Nashville, TN.

Aydin Turgut is one of three perfect scores in the K-8 Championship with 5.0.

Dimitar Mardov has posted one of four perfect scores in the K-3 Championship group.

Anshul Shetty and Yuvraj Chennareddy hold two of the five perfect scores in the K-1 Championship section.

Jacob Furfine is near the top of the K-9 Championship, his only loss coming in the fifth round yesterday against Joseph Wan of Iowa.

Alex Bian and Matthew Stevens hold 4.0's in the K-12 Championship, tied for 9th place.

Also competing in the K-8 Championship section, tied for 10th place with 4.0 are four Illinois players, Ricky Wang, Jason Daniels, sixth-grader Nicholas Ladan and second-grader Aren Emrikian. At 3.5 Illinois has fielded Shreya Mangalam, Kevin Ho, Peter Zheng and third-grader William Wang.

Although a few entrants do not report their grade level, Aren and William appear to be the only players in the section below fifth grade, with the exception of a Georgia second grader at 3.0.

Nicholas Bruha is Illinois' top competitor in the K-6 Championship with 3.0.

Avi Kaplan and William Cahill are our top K-5 Championship entrants with 3.0's.

In conditional sections:

In the K-12 Under 1200 Omar Majzoub (school unknown) and Roberto Albor, Jr. of Argo (in Summit) are both 5.0. 

Stefano Velazquez and Chris Arzac, both of Highland Park, are only 1/2 point off the pace with 4.5's.

Henry Lovellette is one of five 5.0's in the K-12 Under 800. Sam Harris of Highland Park is only 1/2 point back with 4.5.

Illinois is dominating the K-12 Unrateds with seven of the top 10!  Connor Murphy is the lone 5.0, while schoolmate James Bundy has 4.5. Matthew Schiffner and Daniel Singh are 4.0/5. Kayleigh Risser and Edgar Risser are 3.5. Freshman Jason Bath has the top tiebreak in the 3.0 score group to round out the top 10 in the section.

Chris Harrison is tied for sixth in the K-6 Under 1000 with a 4.5.

Gunn and Joon Kim are both 4.0/5 in the K-6 Unrated, tied for fourth place.

Lucas Means and Vamsi Munaganuri are both 5.0 in the K-1 Under 500, along with two others.

Keep up the good work, Illinois competitors!