Alex Bian trailed his higher-rated Pennsylvania opponent, Grant Xu, 4.5-5.0 heading into the final round of the 2017 US Junior Open, completed July 23 in Northfield, MN.

Observers indicate Alex was down several pawns -- and trailing on time. But king safety is often paramount, and Bian's triumph over Xu gave the Illinois high schooler uncontested first place in the top section of the six-round tournament. 

Xu finished second in the 51-player U21 section, followed by a three-pack of 4.5's. Shreyas Reddy finished in a multi-way tie for sixth place with 4.0.

Bian won $500 and entry into the 2018 US Junior Closed.

Megan Gansukh who has only been playing rated chess for five months tied for fifth place in the U8 section, raising her rating 93 points.

Crosstables are available here.

Players from 33 states, Canada and Japan participated.

In the 105-player US Senior Open, GM Dimitry Gurevich tied for second place with four others. GM Gurevich lost in the penultimate round to legendary GM Alex Yermolinsky who now resides in the Dakotas. Gurevich closed out with a win over Mark Dejmek of Texas.

Both events were organized by Glenn Panner of Chess Weekend, and Maret Thorpe served as the Chief Tournament Director.