USCF Top 100 Lists published April 2013

Some new names from Illinois have entered the USCF top 100 lists as of the ICA K-8 Championships held in Normal March 9 and 10.

David Zimmermann entered the list of top 7-year olds, Jonah Karafiol nabbed a spot amongst the top US 8-year olds and Emmett Madigan is now in the top century of 9-year olds.

Among high schoolers, Timothy Zhou is now a ranked 16-year old and David Paykin is a top-100 17-year old.

Aaron Gan retains his place as the top Illinois player aged 7 or younger. Amazingly the 6-year old has jumped 253 rating points in two months, placing him in the top 25 of all players 7-and-under. Aaron is actually the fifth-rated 6-year old in the country.

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2013 Illinois Barber, Denker and Girls Invitational

The stage was set for the Barber, Denker and the Girls Invitational at the North Shore Chess Center February 22 -24. There were 6 players for the Denker and the Girls Invitational and 12 for the Barber. Crosstables

Illinois Denker
L to R: Gavin Mc Clanahan, Jonathan Kogen, Sam Schmakel, Robert Mokswa, Maximilian Zinski, Nathaniel Kranjc

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Vincent Do wins 2013 Illinois K-8

Nearly 600 chess-playing youths competed at the 2013 K-8 Illinois Championships March 9-10 in Normal, IL.

Fifth-grader Vincent Do of Rockford, playing up in the Junior High section (Grades 6-8) achieved the only 7.0/7 perfect score of the tournament.

Fourth-grader, Edward Zhang, Third-grader Aydin Turgut and First-grader Aaron Gan were the other section champions.

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Thomas Middle School Chess Tournament

Thomas Middle School in Arlington Heights held its 5th Annual
Middle School Chess Tournament on Saturday, February 23, 2013.
The tournament was open to any middle school student.
The tournament was directed by USCF (United States Chess Federation)
directors Jeff Wiewel and Matthew Wiewel.  This year, all the trophy winners were
7th graders from Thomas MS.

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USCF Top 100 List as of February 2013

Nine-year old phenom David Peng has claimed the number one ranking of his age group, barely edging out frequent Illinois tournament participant Awonder Liang of Wisconsin. Awonder has since regained a higher rating, but as of the January 18th date when the official bi-monthly rankings were generated, David had the upper hand.

Aydin Turgut (3rd in age 8), Sam Schmakel (7th in age 16) and Adarsh Jayakumar (4th in age 18) are the other Illinois players in the top 10 of their respective age groups.

Aged 18 years or younger, Illinois currently boasts three masters, Sam, Adarsh, and Jonathan Kogan (age 17), along with eight experts.

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