52 Players From Illinois Competed at the National K-12s in Orlando on December 8-10

Warren Junior Scholar, Matthew Stevens, from Whitney Young was the clear winner of the K-12 Blitz tournament with a score of 11.5.    Class trophies were awarded to Tristan Kenny, 2nd place for unrated and Luke Faxon, 3rd place for Ratings 1000-1199.    Team trophies were awarded to Whitney Young for 1st place and Glen Grove School for 5th.

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November 2017: IL Top 100 Girls


The most recent lists include 46 young ladies from Illinois with eleven of them ranking in the top 20.

Nandini Prakash and Hili Bareket continued to gain rating points and both climbed 4 ranks in the “Age 7 and Under” list. Second-grader Saruul Ann Uuganbayar, who has only been playing tournament chess for six months, made her first appearance on the list — congratulations!

Eight-year old Siri Chennareddy can also be proud of her achievements, advancing from rank 72 to rank 41 in one month. Niyathi Girish is another newcomer on the list. Well done!

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November 2017: 53 Illinois Youth Among US Top 100's


Once again, Aren Emrikian is the #1 player in his age group in the US -- Ages 7 & Under.  Joining him in the top 10 this month is Yuvraj Chennareddy, #4 in that age range.

David Peng (14) and Dimitar Mardov (9) are both #2 in their respective age bracket.

Four other Illinois players are in the top 10 -- with an impressive array of 53 in the top 100's.

Four Illinois youth have been named to the US Chess All-America Team -- see recently posted article on the ICA site.

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Four IL Youth Named to Prestigious 2018 All-America Team


Four top Illinois juniors were among the 74 selected by US Chess for the 2018 All-America Team.

Candidates were based on their 1/1/2017 rating and peak post-tournament ratings from 7/1/16 through 6/30/17.

George Li was one of eleven 16-year olds with a minium rating of 2400. David Peng is one of eight 13-year olds with ratings above 2300.

Arthur Xu is listed as one of four 9-year olds with a minimum rating of 2000 -- and in fact, is listed as the top such youth. For the Age 8 and Under group, Dimitar Mardov is one of nine with ratings above 1900, designated as the third highest in the impressive group.

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258 Face Off At Peoria's 2017 Illinois All-Grade


[Editor's Note: the article has now been updated to include team results which were posted November 15. See below.] 

The Lutfiyya brothers took sibling rivalry to new heights at the 2017 Illinois All-Grade Championships, held November 11 at the Peoria Civic Center.

Pre-schooler Ren and First-grader Hudson both posted perfect 5.0's in the "Lower Primary" section (Grades K-1). 19 competed in the youngest division.

Ren benefited from a first-round bye but both finished two full-points ahead of an eight-way tie for third with 3.0 scores, with the Lutfiyya's earning a rare family state co-championship. 

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