Illinois Players at Mid-America Open

Rene Ancheta Isaac Braswell Wayne Clark
Howard Cohen Larry Cohen Zach Kasiurak
Richard Lewis Cleo Newsome, Jr Daniel Parmet
Roger Schmidt Aleksandar Stamnov Brian Villarreal

Fifty-eight Illinois players compete

On the weekend of March 13-15th, the 13th Annual Mid-America Open was held in the St. Louis suburb of Clayton, Missouri. Two hundred ten chess players came from as far away as Texas, New York and British Columbia. They competed for nearly $20,000 in prize money. No less than fifty-eight were from Illinois. NTD Wayne Clark served as Assistant Tournament Director.

Notable results by Illinois players

In the Open section GM Dimitry Gurevich finished in a tie for 2nd with 4 points. FM Aleksandar Stamnov, FM Andrew Karklins, and FM Doug Eckert all finished with 3.5 points and tied with five others. Larry Cohen, veteran player and former ICA President, upset Charles Lawton, a 2358 master.

Paul Mechem won the "A" section with 4.5 points. He was followed by Rene Ancheta of Touch Move Chess Club who had 4 points and tied with three others for second place.

Mike Mei won the "B" section with 4.5 points. Adam Schuld with 3.5 tied for fourth in the "C" section. Also, an aknowledgement goes to GB Potratz, U1400 section, for another demonstration of how to lose a totally won position.

Well done fellows!


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