New ICA Board Conducts First Board Meeting; Peoria's Patrick Cohen Assumes Duties as Downstate Vice-President


After assuming office February 1, the ICA Board held its first telephonic meeting Wednesday, Feb. 8. A quorum was established shortly after 7:30 and while little business was accomplished, board members were able to get acclimated to the procedings and agreed to meet again March 8.

Metro Vice President Kevin Taylor has asked that the boad undertake a SWOT assessment -- looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to the 55-year old 501 (c) (3) as the Illinois affiliate to US Chess.  The board is being tasked to complete a survey addressing these ideas when prepared by President Bill Feldman.

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Four Tie at Howard Cohen Memorial

22 players turned out on Saturday February 11, 2017 to help honor the memory of Howard Cohen, a long-time Illinois chess player who passed away last April at the age of 62. 
My brother Howard would have been 63 on February 8, so with the help of the Glenwood Chess Club I put on a tournament to honor his memory. 
All of the participants went away with a doorprize of one or more of Howard's books or pamphlets. 

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102 Illinois Players Up Their Ratings 100+ from December; Three Are From the Same Family (Any Guesses Who?)


A whopping 102 players achieved rating enhancements of 100 rating points or more as of the January 2017 official USCF ratings!  Folks, that's one for every county in the state (not that rated chess is played in every Illinois county -- although that would be my dream for 2017!)

At the top of the list was Samuel Langdon whose rating bump was 296 -- playing in his fourth Kumbaya event.

Elijah Berry saw his rating go up 295 points playing in the St. John's tournament in November -- too late in the month to be included in the December official ratings. 

All totalled, 23 players had ratings growth of 200 or more as of January 1, 2017.

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Spencer Lehmann, Alex Bian Finish 1-2 At '16 North American Open in Under 2300; Roger Li Ties For First in Under 1500


With 6.5/7, Spencer Lehmann has won the Under 2300 section of the 2016 North American Open. Alex Bian placed clear second with 6.0/7.

The pair of Illinois high schoolers drew head to head in the penultimate round, with Bian drawing Iowa high schooler Arshaq Saleem in the final round to finish a half-point back.

Three players, including Saleem, finished with 5.5 to tie for third place.

The Continental Chess Association event concluded December 30 in Las Vegas drawing almost 800 players in seven sections.

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ICA Elections Underway, E-Ballots Should Have Arrived


Now that the American people have undertaken their part in our democratic process -- and the electoral college has spoken -- it's time for yet another election!

No, Donald Trump is still slated to take office January 20, but starting yesterday Illinois Chess Association members should have received a ballot allowing them to vote for FIVE offices for the ICA Board of Directors.

President, Metro (Chicago) Vice President, Downstate Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are all up for two-year terms.

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