Fishman & Kokipparambil Bump Ratings 300+ As of Dec 1


69 Illinois players saw ratings increases of 100 points or more as of December. No one's rating increased more than Daniel Fishman who more than doubled his rating from 288 to 611, a difference of 323!

Fox Valley Chess Club's Advaith Kodipparambil enhanced his rating from 608 to 918, a difference of 310.

If you are one of the players listed below... or their parent... and would like to share with us the secret of the ratings growth... or any other information about chess progress, we'd love to acknowledge success at the chess board -- or in related activities!

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ICA Site Hacked Again, Articles Lost, No Further Content Forthcoming Pending Security Review


With days to go before the 2016 Illinois Class, the Joomla-based ICA site was hacked and shut down by the site's host due to suspicious activity. Prompt action by webmaster Bill Buklis and Joomla administrator Maret Thorpe got the site up and running within hours with minimal content loss.

Over the next few days additional updated content was restored and other mysteries were resolved. Life was back to normal.

Yesterday (December 5), the site was attacked again and in the process of getting it back up, many recent articles posted over the past two weeks were lost.

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ICA Website Maliciously Attacked, Service Restored


Good news, bad news.

Service has now been largely restored on this website thanks to the valiant efforts of webmaster Bill Buklis along with those Maret Thorpe, the site-designer and Joomla administrator.

Unusual activity had been detected by the internet service provider, provoking them to close down the site for a time on Friday (11/18). The site was restored to its pre-attack state using back ups and attempts are being made to restore updated content.

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2016 IL Senior Open: Zin and Condron Co-Champions


The weekend of October 29 and 30 was about more than Halloween celebrations and presidential election home stretches.

In Illinois, it meant the third year in a row the Illinois Senior Open was held.

Aung Zin and James Condron were crowned co-champions, both with 3.5 out of 4 tallies.

A four-way tie for third place included Marvin Dandridge, Bill Brock, Ionel Dinca and Leslie Bale.

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Computer Chess Profiled In Wake Of Deep Blue Anniversary


As a former reporter and anchor in the NPR system, I've always liked National Public Radio (heard in Chicago on WBEZ, 91.5 FM, and around the state on other frequencies).

The outstanding "All Things Considered" show recently put together a piece as we approach the 20th anniversary of the Garry Kasparov match versus IBM's Deep Blue Computer.

Since that historic battle, computer algorithms have continued to get more efficient, and there is no doubt that even a modest open source "chess engine" running on a consumer model laptop can beat the best players in the world.

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